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Emily Norton

Emily Norton '22

Hometown: Springfield, VA
Major: Political Science
Minor: French

On-Campus Activities: Student Government Association (President), Chi Omega (Vice President), Honors Program, Choir, Student Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor, and Research Assistant at the Institute of Policy & Opinion Research

I chose Roanoke College because I knew I wanted a campus community where I could be involved in many activities, while feeling connected to individuals. The first time I visited Roanoke it was on a whim with my family as we vacationed at Smith Mountain Lake. I was set after one trip. I returned to do an overnight visit and my decision was solidified as I waited every day to hear back from admissions. I was ecstatic to receive my acceptance and begin meeting other students online who I would soon call classmates, coworkers, sisters, and friends. From the Washington Semester to learning how easy it is to study abroad, Roanoke is helping me to achieve greatness and move into the world with strength. 

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